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E90 – Brandon & Primo, Pt. 2: Bodybuilding Coaching Styles, Dog Training, & More!

Brandon Bebo, “your favorite pothead bodybuilder,” is a highly competitive middle weight NPC athlete and coach. 


MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Please check with your doctor before implementing any of the topics we discuss on this show. We are not medical professionals. We are athletes and coaches. 

Email Brandon for competition coaching:

@bigyoungbebo / Brandon Bebo Noe🇵🇷 | Bodybuilder (@bigyoungbebo) • Instagram photos and videos

@primobeann / PRIMO 🐶 (@primobeann) • Instagram photos and videos

Show notes:

01:09 Primo: 1/3 Doberman, 1/3 Blue-nose-pit, 1/3 WOLF! Love for dogs and what we can learn from them in application to human relationships.

05:48 Building a relationship with your dog: starting from day one.

11:45 Body Shop Fitness: the best gym in the state of WA.

22:12 Brandon’s plans to move to Florida; east coast vs. west coast.

25:44 The importance of giving the COLD HARD TRUTH to clients, especially if they’re competing.

35:00 Using a training partner to push you to the next level.

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