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E49 - Timm Heimgartner, NPC Classic Physique Athlete on Being a "Hard Gainer," Contest Prep, and Deltoid Development

Timm Heimgartner is a close friend, having taught me many valuable bodybuilding skills in our time training together. He is also a father of two beautiful girls and a professional in the medical field.

Timm's Instagram: @timmheimgartner

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Show notes:

00:11 How Timm & Colt met and started training together.

01:53 Why Timm started competing at age 37.

03:02 Life as a "hard-gainer."

04:21 Deciding between Men's Physique & Classic Physique divisions.

09:51 What Timm's diet looks like; avoiding plants that cause inflammation.

12:45 The proper perspective to have with supplements in comparison to diet and training.

16:31 The necessity of being ALL-IN when on contest prep.

18:50 Peak week practices; trial and error with carbohydrate, water and sodium manipulation.

24:12 Timm's go-to shoulder exercises.


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