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E119 – “Paleo” Lola on Strength Training, Body Image, & Fueling Her Family!

“Paleo” Lola, PHC is a PRIMAL KETO/CARNIVORE COACH specializing in SUSTAINABLE FAT LOSS, STRENGTH, and DEVELOPING SELF-CONFIDENCE through her kick-ass all-American entrepreneurial lifestyle fueled by MEAT!

Lola and I have a common goal on sharing the TRUTH about NUTRITION and how to best achieve your aesthetic & strength goals using a MEAT-BASED DIET 😊 I reached out to her knowing for sure she would have lots of PRACTICAL, UNIQUE suggestions on how to best make this diet work for you and SUPERSET YOUR LIFE!


00:23 Biography of a PRIMAL KETO/CARNIVORE coach!

05:04 Eliminators vs. Moderators: Which are you? (We are “eliminators”)

09:20 Quick tips on tracking macros on the carnivore diet.

16:22 Pros & cons of weighing yourself every day.


27:38 “Unintentional fasting” (we totally made this word up on the recording): how to approach intermittent fasting with a healthy mindset.

39:32 Plant-based diets…. Why?

47:06 Making a decision to be OUTSPOKEN about what you believe is TRUE about nutrition.

50:29 From “fat” to “lean & strong,” and still weighing the same!

51:51 Long-term and immediate health benefits derived from combining STRENGTH TRAINING with a MEAT-BASED DIET.


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