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E85 – Jonathan Griffiths, Pt. 2: Steroids, Macro Ratios, and Peak Week Strategies

Check out Episode 53 first to hear Jonathan's backstory and approach to Carnivore bodybuilding first!

Show notes:

07:30 Why Jonathan started the Carnivore diet, and why he stuck with it.

10:28 The benefits of a meat-based diet for children.

19:33 Trial and error: pioneers of Carnivore bodybuilding.

28:15 Gluconeogenesis vs. ketosis; preferences concerning macronutrient ratios.

36:15 Peak week protocols.

43:44 Steroids.

1:07:05 Digestive enzymes.

1:09:15 Final greetings, gratitude, and future plans for Carnivore bodybuilding.

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