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We are honored once again to be joined by the one and only 15 year carnivore/keto “veteran” and nutritionist DANI CONWAY herself!  Last year on E63 of our show ( https://open.spotify.com/episode/6hmardSAPrUg9Ujn6Ktc6s?si=isQQU5StT2OUtaQqhi-42Q ) we discussed her story and experience in helping people optimize their hormones, increase their gut health, fat loss and much more through a meat based diet. She successfully helped heal her OWN body with a carnivore diet approach from hormonal issues, digestive issues…even improving your mental health! We talked all about that on Episode 63 so maybe check out that one if you’re new to the show! OR better yet: study...

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Interview with Professor Bart Kay on BODY RECOMPOSITION, the “controversy of Calories,” competing as a Carnivore, and the future of Carnivore Bodybuilding!

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