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E88 – Brandon & Primo, Pt. 1: Steroids, Marijuana, & Contest Dieting

Brandon Bebo, “your favorite pothead bodybuilder,” is a highly competitive middle weight NPC athlete and coach. 


The passion this young man has for the sport is clearly evident in his:

  1. Consistently Outstanding body composition and presentation 
  2. Results of his clients which from I’ve seen are always in top shape
  3. No bullshit, relentless, all-or-nothing attitude he brings to what seems to be all areas of life, whether it’s his own workouts, bringing the best out of his competitors, even training his 2-year old WOLF/DOBERMAN/BLUE-NOSE-PIT named Primo!


Every conversation with Brandon has left me with valuable takeaways. He an I are actually competing AGAINST each other this fall, September 10, 2022.


MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Please check with your doctor before implementing any of the topics we discuss on this show. We are not medical professionals. We are athletes and coaches. 


Email Brandon for competition coaching: teambebo98@gmail.com

@bigyoungbebo / Brandon Bebo Noe🇵🇷 | Bodybuilder (@bigyoungbebo) • Instagram photos and videos

@primobeann / PRIMO 🐶 (@primobeann) • Instagram photos and videos


Show notes:

05:00 Growing up fat and deciding to get fit at Planet Fitness!

07:10 Gym = THERAPY.

17:41 Plans to open gyms.

18:42 Marijuana for recovery, stress, and sleep.

28:22 Sativa vs. Indica: Getting high before training???

31:01 Comparing cardio protocols at 19 weeks out from the NPC Northern Classic.

38:04 Brandon’s meal plan.

41:01 BCAA’s vs. EAA’s: When to take them and what the difference is.

46:12 Are all of the popular bodybuilding supplements really worth the money?

50:16 Brandon’s supplements.

58:21 Brandon’s steroid protocols.

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