E5 - Carole Freeman on Changing Women's Lives with the Ketogenic Diet

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E5 - Carole Freeman on Changing Women's Lives with the Ketogenic Diet

In this fifth episode we interviewed "Keto Carole" Freeman:

  • "Miss Fix It" of the Keto World
  • Masters in Nutrition
  • Masters in Clinical Health Psychology 
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist 
  • Stand up Comedian and Producer

Carole and her staff teach women around the world that have tried every diet in the book implement the keto diet as a long term health lifestyle, so that they may finally feel happy with food and their bodies


  • ketocarole.com
    • Free 7-day Fast and Easy Keto Meal Plan
    • Apply for coaching on website
  • IG: @ketocarole
  • Facebook: Carole Freeman
  • Youtube: The Carole Freeman (Podcast)

Book referenced: Why We Get Sick by Benjamin Bickman 

00:00 Introduction and Carole's bio.
03:00 Breathalyzer & testing for ketones.
04:50 Optimal protein amounts.
06:30 Keto for burning fat VS therapeutic use.
11:50 Insulin resistance.
13:20 Tracking macros.
14:55 Carole's incredible testimony.
21:40 RDA's.
24:11 Dairy Consumption.
28:07 Previous diet attempts and fad diets.
36:45 How to safely breastfeed on ketogenic diet.
37:39 Coaching friends and family.
39:16 Sodium Requirements.
44:30 Eating out with Shawn Baker and Brazilian steakhouses.
46:22 Increased creativity and performing comedy.
49:47 Favorite keto meals and keeping it simple.
52:55 Wine and alcohol on keto
1:03:00 Keto mission!


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