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E70 – Carnivore Cast Interview, with Scott Myslinski

The Carnivore Cast is the #1 rated podcast on the Carnivore Diet. Scott Myslinski, the host, interviews successful carnivores, top researchers, and citizen scientists discovering answers to common questions around athletics, long-term health, practicality, and lifestyles fueled by MEAT.

This interview where Scott invited us to share our experience with the Carnivore Diet can be found on the Carnivore Cast Podcast on any audio podcast platform. Scott was kind enough to share the raw recording with us so we could publish the interview on our show as well.

Show Notes:

00:50 About the Carnivore Cast Podcast – the #1 Carnivore Podcast.

03:13 Scott’s introduction of Colt and Taylor, SUPERSETYOURLIFE.COM, and Skullbellz™.

04:04 The Carnivore Diet and our fitness journey: how it all began.

09:41 Taylor’s back-to-back pregnancies, preeclampsia, and discovering the health benefits of a low-carb lifestyle to lose 50 pounds and dramatically improve her health.

11:30 Why Colt and Taylor both prefer a high protein approach over a ketogenic approach (though both are excellent options); strategies of when to eat fat and when to eat protein for optimal performance, digestion, and mental clarity.

14:55 Colt’s “mock bodybuilding peak week” on an all-meat, zero-carb diet, the results he experienced, and why it worked so well.

17:02 How and what Colt and Taylor feed their children.

22:02 Health and performance benefits of eating nothing but grass-fed steak every day; rapid body recomposition results we’ve experienced and teach our clients.

24:08 Why a high-protein Carnivore Diet approach combines the best of ketogenic and high-carb diets; it’s the best of both worlds.

29:09 Inspiration from the Keto Savage, Robert Sikes as a natural ketogenic bodybuilder, and other sources of knowledge and research concerning low-carb bodybuilding.

31:13 Blood glucose, cholesterol, and other side effects experienced from meat-based diets.

32:00 The mission, purpose, and vision of SUPERSETYOURLIFE.COM.

37:47 Business production and supply chain strategy for Skullbellz™ dumbbells, curl bars, and more for 2022 to self-fund the opening of the first Skullbellz™ Gym in 2023.

39:09 Plans to begin broadcasting a Bible study and eating disorder resources for athletes.

39:48 Integrating marriage, parenting, business, and living with a purpose; doing the best you can, with what you have.

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