E31 - Lorenzo Pruiett on Using the Carnivore Diet to Reduce the Effects of Alzheimer's

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E31 - Lorenzo Pruiett on Using the Carnivore Diet to Reduce the Effects of Alzheimer's

Lorenzo Pruiett is a competitive crossfit athlete, carnivore diet coach, and manager of Gold's Gym in Vancouver, WA.

00:29 Beginning of Lorenzo's fitness journey.

04:35 Front squats vs. back squats.

06:36 Lorenzo's experience starting the Ketogenic diet and eventually the carnivore diet.

08:12 Experiencing early signs of Alzheimer's Disease: low energy / chronic fatigue and memory loss.

09:56 Stan Efferding, Paul Salidino, and Shawn Baker's inspirations on THRIVING on a meat-based diet.

11:18 Vince Gironda & Flex Wheeler: Classic-era carnivore bodybuilders. Learning from the professionals to combine the cognitive and performance benefits of eating carnivore.

14:42 Cooking Kahlua pig! Favorite recipes and dining out as carnivores.

20:32 How Lorenzo trained his body to adapt to protein and fat as his primary fuel source over carbs.

22:45 Health benefits of Celtic Sea Salt, and staying hydrated without depleting electrolytes.

26:35 Benefits of exogenous ketones.

31:30 Carnivore diet client results.

33:06 Eating bacon every day--this can't possibly be healthy, can it? Oh, but it can!

36:31 The increase of obesity and disease since the 1950's. Why is red meat demonized?

42:32 Heart rate and blood pressure since starting the carnivore diet.

43:08 How Lorenzo makes quick meals as a busy professional, father of four children, and leadership in his church with his wife.

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