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E63 – Dani Conway, 15-Year Carnivore on Long-Term Health, Hormones, and Digestion

Dani Conway is a 15 year carnivore/keto veteran! She is a nutritionist who specializes in helping people optimize their hormones, increase their gut health, fat loss and much more through a meat based diet. She successfully helped heal her body with a carnivore diet approach from hormonal issues, digestive issues, mental health, and more.

About Dani:

Holistic Nutrition
Adv. Metabolic Typing Advisor
Kalish Method Functional Med. Practitioner
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Midlife Mastery Hormone Practitioner (IP)
Ketogenic Nutrition & Metabolic Protocols
Performance Nutrition for Equestrian Athletes

Call/ text: 619-972-8277



Connect with Dani on Social!!
FB: @NutritiontheNaturalWay

IG: @Carnivore.Keto.Fitness


We’re not doctors. I (Colt) am an athlete and a comedian, so on our show you will find entertainment and motivation. Therefore please do not take what we say to be medical advice. You know how it goes—if you wish to implement any tactics we discuss, please consult your doctor, as we are not responsible for any outcomes you may encounter from using what you hear on our show.

Show notes:

02:10 Introduction & announcements.

05:09 Bio, Dani’s story, and ways to get in touch with Dani.

09:11 How your visual appearance physiologically affects hormones; becoming comfortable in your own skin.

10:19 Breast implant illnesses: digestive issues, hypothyroidism, and autoimmunity; treating these symptoms with the carnivore diet.

16:21 Question #1 - Kari Montes (Wenatchee, WA) Has the carnivore diet improved or harmed your digestive health?

17:17 Question #2 – Colt & Taylor Milton (Vancouver, WA) Can the carnivore diet improve leaky gut syndrome?

20:00 Question #3 – Laurie Roy (Vancouver, WA) Have you experienced, either personally or with clients, hormonal advantages concerning menopause on a meat based / ketogenic diet?

21:20 Experience in building muscle without carbs.

22:11 Question #4 – Jonathan Steadman (Hamburg, AR) I have a friend that has gout and he has a problem eating pork. Would the carnivore diet still be worth a shot?

23:15 Question #5 – Ossama Hyder (Renton, WA) All this meat really runs up the grocery bill! Do you have any tips/suggestions for a sustainable, realistic approach to budgeting this diet?

24:23 Thoughts on consuming when and how to include plants on a meat-based diet; plant cycling and eating seasonally.

27:27 Why it is still important to track macros.

32:41 Question #6 – Steve Fleiszer (Wolfville, NS) What is your opinion on paleo vs carnivore, and what are your thoughts on including healthy carb sources in moderation?

34:30 Question #7 – Dana Mullen (Bridgeport, OH) Can chronically eating low-carb trigger hair loss in women?

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