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E123 – Running Advice for Bodybuilders, with Carly Kovacik

Carly Kovacik is an NPC Women’s Physique Competitor currently in preparation for the 2023 Emerald Cup in Bellevue, WA, a marathon runner, mountain climber, close friend and client. Check out EPISODE 108 for our recap of the last two shows Carly and Colt competed in together!

Time Stamps:

00:39 koh-VAY-chik

02:35 Introductions & opening prayer (Hebrews 12:1-2)

09:00 SPRINTING: Where it all began!

21:24 Hand-written words of impact from Carly’s running coach.

26:40 Training for 5k and 10k races.

36:42 Training for HALF-MARATHONS.

43:44 Carly’s nutrition training for MARATHONS vs. training for BODYBUILDING.

45:38 How Carly’s dad have her motivation to LIFT to compliment RUNNING.

53:00 Qualifying for the BOSTON MARATHON!

58:21 Carly’s QUAD training leading up to the Boston Marathon.

1:01:11 “Heartbreak Hill:” 75% of the way through the Boston Marathon and almost having to drop out.

1:04:16 What to do IMMEDIATELY after a long run (don’t sit!)

1:10:21 How to PACE YOURSELF for a marathon.

1:16:00 LEGACY: The impact of an encouraging FATHER.

1:21:07 How to identify your ideal pair of RUNNING SHOES.

1:26:02 Colt & Zion’s current marathon training update & bodybuilding split.

1:32:11 Does running cause muscle loss specifically in the THIGHS?

1:35:05 How running can benefit aesthetics, even for competitive bodybuilders.

1:38:49 Why Carly is competing in bodybuilding, future competition plans, and next steps!

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