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E121 – Natural Bodybuilding F.A.Q.’s, with Jairo Chang & Jess Frank

Jairo (pronounced "HIGH-ROW") Chang is a Columbian Professional Natural Bodybuilder, and Judge! His accomplishments include:

  • Master's of Business Administration - City University of Seattle
  • TV Production, Graduate Certificate - Pontifical Xavierian University(Colombia)
  • Bodybuilding Judge - INBA, OCB, NGA, AAU
  • Pro Qualified Natural Bodybuilder - IPE & PNBA
  • Certified Personal Trainer - ACE (American Council on Exercise)
  • Certified Powerlifting Club Coach - USAPL
  • Certified Nutrition Coach - NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Jairo has been competing, coaching, promoting, and volunteering in the sport of bodybuilding for over 24 years. Like us, he is passionate about approaching the sport of bodybuilding with a HEALTH-FIRST, sustainable approach, as well as creating more exposure for NATURAL bodybuilding to grow the audience and awareness of what is to us both a SPORT and an ART!

JESSICA TOLENTINO is a LIFTER, DANCER, and natural bodybuilding enthusiast and promoter. She will be promoting The Open Natural bodybuilding competition with Jairo in Kirkland, WA on July 22, 2023! (FUN FACT: my 7th competition was held at the same facility in 2019!)


The event is a friendly, pre-season contest for natural bodybuilders of any affiliation, or no affiliation at all. They make it a true "Open" contest by not requiring participants a membership. They will be hosting this family friendly event at the Kirkland Performance Center, which is an A-class location with a history other bodybuilding shows. (I would know!) The Open will feature categories for Men's Bodybuilding, Women's Bodybuilding, Women's Figure, Men's Classic Physique, Bikini and Men's Physique. They will be giving out awards by Cardillo Weight belts, sculpture trophies by Niels Andersen, special medallions made in Europe and other surprises from sponsors.

You can follow JESS and JAIRO on Instagram @jess_lifts_alot / @theopennatural. Information for the upcoming show can be found at .


01:01 Opening announcements & introductions

04:32 Why is bodybuilding no longer a mainstream sport streamed on ESPN like it used to be?

07:39 Opinions and experience as to what classifies as a “performance enhancing drug.”

10:46 If natural bodybuilding is less popular than “untested” bodybuilding, why promote or compete in a natural show?

13:13 Polygraphs, urine and needles—OH MY! What kind of testing can an athlete expect?

17:48 Who is judging THE OPEN NATURAL, and how can an athlete learn the most from each judge?

22:08 Should posing be artistic, competitive, or both, generally speaking in this sport?

25:01 How is the backstage experience at a “tested” show verses an “untested” show?

26:18 What should an athlete consider when determining what category to participate in?

30:03 Do natural bodybuilders typically need to diet longer to get ready to step on stage?

33:40 What is all the hype about this new female category “WELLNESS?”

42:22 Is posing criteria generally the same or does it vary depending on the promoting organization?

47:52 Why give out POWERLIFTING BELTS as awards at a bodybuilding show?

56:11 How Jairo and Jess SUPERSET their lives!



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