Episode 3 – Erik Escobar on Comedy and LA

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Episode 3 – Erik Escobar on Comedy and LA

00:00 Podcast and guest introduction for Erik:

  • Comedian located in Los Angeles
  • Ted Talk on YouTube “Creating a More Fulfilling Lifestyle through Humor”
  • Instagram: @erikescobar
  • Hosted some online shows I was able to perform on to stay “in the game” when the COVID19 pandemic hit. That’s how we met!

01:23 Capitol Hill riots.

2:15 Types of whisky we drink.

8:55 Performing stand-up comedy while drunk.

13:29 Personalities of comedians.

16:25 Dating life of comedians & life on the road.

21:17 Lessons learned from the pandemic and political environment.

23:30 Struggling with ignorance about racism & prejudice.

25:09 Racist jokes: innocent intent with harmful effects.

28:04 Black Lives Matter.

29:08 Writing jokes vs. riffing.

31:25 Getting wasted with Brian Regan.

39:24 Comedy classes vs. open mics.

50:01 The Carnivore Diet & other diets.

1:06:02 Willpower & success in comedy.

1:18:53 Authenticity & connecting to an audience.

1:24:25 Comedy and TedX talks in Montana.

1:31:57 Living in Los Angeles.

1:40:25 Award-winning wines and whiskies.

1:45:10 Advice to up-and-coming comics.

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