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E98 - Selina Delangre, Founder & Owner of Celtic Sea Salt® on Essential Minerals, Her New Book, & Building a Business on FAITH!

Selina Delangre is the owner of Celtic Sea Salt: a mineral-salt sourced from France, Spain, Guatemala, and Hawaii!

Since their founding in 1976, Celtic Sea Salt has grown into a worldwide brand, recommended for both unique taste and unique health benefits. Their roots remain at the center of their growth. While many claim to be the original, Celtic Sea Salt has had over 40 years to perfect their craft, and the resulting products embody their dedication.

Colt and I made the upgrade from pink Himalayan salt when we started the paleo diet in 2018 during Colt’s 2nd year of competing. We learned that those new to meat-based and/or paleo diets can be deficient in IODINE; a vital mineral found in trace amounts within Celtic Sea Salt.

Ever since then, we fell in love with the flavor and health benefits and now it goes on our steaks, eggs, EVERYTHING—even our coffee! Colt makes our dog Zions food homemade and you know he makes sure she meets her nutrient requirements including quality, unrefined sodium. 

Furthermore, we keep a bag handy in each of our vehicles and Colt takes them when he flies to go train clients so no matter where we eat, we never have to settle for less than the best!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: We are PROUD to now have the opportunity to resell their FINE GROUND SALT in 1/2-lb and 1-lb bags which you can find on our website at SUPERSETYOURLIFE.COM. In celebration of this new launch, we have decided to offer 10% OFF your first order of Celtic Sea Salt EXCLUSIVELY to PODCAST LISTENERS! Simply use the code “CELTIC” at checkout to be awarded the discount. 

PRODUCT LINK: https://supersetyourlife.com/products/celtic-sea-salt%C2%AE-fine-ground

SELINA’S NEW BOOK: https://www.selinanaturally.com/in-her-element-sea-salt-surrender-and-a-journey-to-a-whole-life


Show notes:

05:24 The word “Celtic….” What does this mean and why is it significant?

07:31 The manufacturing process of various Celtic Sea Salt® products and nutritional value comparisons.

11:29 All about IODINE: Why does Celtic Sea Salt® contain this nutrient? Why is it critical?

16:45 Recommendations and solutions to meet IODINE requirements.

23:03 How Selina built Celtic Sea Salt® all on FAITH, doing what she believes is right!

25:02 Ignorance is EXPENSIVE! (Sneak peak into Selina’s NEW BOOK!)

26:54 Selina’s experience learning from mistakes, traumatic experiences, and growing in faith to trust God with EVERYTHING.

31:17 GIVING BACK: Advice to young entrepreneurs in the health & wellness business.

34:51 “A COACH is worth a MILLION DOLLARS.”

40:14 How Selina SUPERSETS HER LIFE!

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