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E95 – Annamarya Scaccia, the Cancer-Surviving Bodybuilder!

Annamarya Scaccia is a CANCER SURVIVING bodybuilder, MOTHER, podcast host, AWARD-WINNING JOURNALIST, and owner of Stillwell Fitness. She has a heart particularly set on working with “emos” and “the kids at the weird table” get buff! Clearly she’s doing a great work in the fitness space.
Annamarya hosts "THE SAD & BUFF SHOW:" A Podcast on the Intersection of Mental Health & Fitness—a similar theme to what we teach here at SUPERSETYOURLIFE with a unique story and another perspective on overall health and wellness with the focus on bodybuilding. 
Link to apply for 1:1 coaching with Annamarya: https://si7bs1s4j38.typeform.com/to/kqY3zRYZ
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stillwellfitness/
Pealed Back, with Gene Bernier: https://youtu.be/n-3APsS8RI0
Show notes:
06:41 Kickboxing: where it all began.
11:38 Competing amidst chronic depression and anxiety.
16:37 Attitude & mindset around competition prep.
21:39 The value of being stubborn and determined to prove someone wrong!
28:45 The danger of comparing yourself to other athletes.
36:21 Protein levels and other diet complications concerning competition prep with one kidney.
41:40 Setting the example of health & fitness for your children.

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