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E83 – Jonathan Griffiths, the Carnivore Bodybuilder, Pt. 1

Jonathan Griffiths is a highly competitive bodybuilder that uses an all-meat diet for contest prep. 

Having nearly turned pro on multiple occasions with an INSANE amount of muscle mass, coming in completely shredded, he’s really proven what’s possible to do with the carnivore diet not only in terms of health but also extreme aesthetics. 

Jonathan does offer coaching services. The best way to follow and contact him is through Instagram: @composition_consultant.

Show notes:

09:34 Jonathan’s bio and accomplishments.

10:29 Athletic background and initial motivation to compete as a bodybuilder.

14:12 Comparing stage weights and statistics.

16:40 Jonathan’s competition macro ratios before starting the Carnivore Diet.

19:09 Length of competition preps to achieve sub 5% bodyfat.

22:12 Why the Carnivore approach was more sustainable and enjoyable for Jonathan compared to the standard bodybuilding diet.

24:18 “Pyramiding up” Calories going into a show.

33:05 Jonathan’s competition macro rations AFTER starting the Carnivore Diet.

37:14 Thoughts on fiber—is it necessary?

41:04 Meal timing & frequency.

46:22 Consuming carbs in a “building phase.”

48:12 Long-term health concerns about cardiovascular health, liver health, bloodwork, and more concerning extreme muscularity and high-level bodybuilding.

51:10 Is it ideal to introduce carbs into a Carnivore diet, and if so, what is the best method to do this?

56:02 Sugar is proven to be more addictive than crack cocaine!

58:55 The danger of eating “filler foods” to “feel full.”

1:02:49 Alcohol’s impact on health and aesthetics on the Carnivore Diet.

1:08:32 Meditation, marijuana, and other relaxation methods.

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