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E82 – Travis & Eve Cook, Iron Keel Strength Owners and Strong-Man Athletes

Travis and Eve Cook are competitive strong man, powerlifting, and CrossFit athletes, coaches, and co-founders of Iron Keel Strength Gym in Houston, TX. 



Eve - @mrs.cookiiemonstterr

Travis - @cookiiemonstter

Gym - @ironkeelstrength




Show notes:

09:11 Travis & Eve’s bio, backstory on how we met, and overview of Iron Keel Strength.

11:10 Powerlifting and Strong-Man accomplishments.

15:31 The team comradery and culture of bodybuilding, CrossFit, powerlifting, and Strong-Man.

20:29 Priorities and calendars: keys in running a business on the side of full-time careers, with kids!

23:19 Developing a fun, competitive atmosphere at Iron Keel (leading by example).

28:00 Compensating for each others’ weaknesses and focusing on your strengths as business partners.

31:49 CHOICES: Which weightlifting sport is right for you?

39:26 Challenges in opening Iron Keel in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

44:05 Specialty barbells.

51:02 Staying motivated and unified when it feels like nothing is working and you want to quit.

57:18 “Grand Opening” ideas for aspiring gym owners!

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