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E81 - David Dellanave on All Things Deadlifts!

David Dellanave, author of Off the Floor: A Manual for Deadlift Domination, is a lifter, coach, and owner of The Movement Minneapolis in the Twin Cities. He implements biofeedback techniques, teaching his clients, ranging from athletes to general population, to truly understand what their bodies are telling them.

Show notes:

06:31 David’s bio.

08:29 Pulling 600+ lbs on the Jefferson Deadlift, promoting it, and making it popular.

12:07 Finding the most natural position to pull from.

15:16 The value of tracking your lifts and tips on progressive overload.

18:13 What is biofeedback training?

31:38 Examples of biofeedback training for leg day and chest day.

36:49 Alternative options to conventional lifts to avoid injury and continue progressing.

48:41 the difference between deadlifting for strength and deadlifting for hypertrophy.

51:02 Emotions surrounding personal records and “ego lifting.”

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