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E75 - Bernardo Castellanos on The Hard Truth of Sports Recovery

Bernardo is the manager of a large corporate gym, founder and CEO of “BRC COACHING” (www.brc-coaching.com), US Army Vet, and a fellow #fitdad! The last podcast we did was in August 2021 (that’s Episode 52) where we dissected 3 of the most common gym injuries and how to overcome them. His expertise was so valuable to our clients and Facebook community that as we’ve begun to receive questions concerning RECOVERY, I knew just the guy to go to for answers.

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Show notes:

08:25 Bernardo’s bio.

10:21 Ice baths have many health benefits, but is it true that they impede muscle growth?

16:28 How oxidative damage contributes to building muscle.

19:24 Bernardo’s suggestions on how to best use ice baths in bodybuilding training.

25:18 The unfortunate reality of the impact of stress on your fitness goals.

29:19 SLEEP: The most important factor in your recovery and how to optimize it.

35:52 When it makes more sense to reduce workout time to speed up results, allowing sufficient time to recover and sleep.

38:28 Supplementing taurine 2-4g/day to help with glucose uptake and nourishing of muscle cells.

41:00 5 nutrients you will be deficient in on a plant-based diet that will hurt recovery.

50:45 Is using the sauna every day a good idea? Should you go in before or after your workout?

1:01:12 How does red light therapy work, and is it helpful?

1:04:24 MASSAGE: pre or post-workout? Electronic vs. therapist? Thoughts on Theragun?

1:16:46 Static stretching vs. training through a full range of motion.

1:25:12 The dangers of spiritual yoga classes.

1:27:01 The role Bernardo’s faith has in his overall well-being and sports recovery.

1:36:19 What’s all the hype about scraping???

1:39:39 What’s all the hype about cupping???

1:41:31 Bernardo’s thoughts on CBD; what the science says.

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