2022, back on track, MOTIVATION -

E74 - 7 Tips to Follow Through on Your Health & Fitness Commitments (Q&A)

Answering your questions on how to overcome life’s obstacles and stay committed to the goals you set for 2022!
Show notes:
03:03 How can I balance my social life around my work, training, and meal plans?
11:41 How can I stay motivated to eat healthy when I can’t work out consistently?
13:21 How do I stay on my diet when I’m traveling and don’t have access to a kitchen?
16:15 How can I get back on track after “falling off the wagon?”
21:17 Eating healthy is expensive—especially meat! What tips do you have to overcome the temptation to eat unhealthy food?
25:37 What has been your biggest life challenge in relation to your bodybuilding?
29:51 What are some ways you prioritize the relationships that are important to you without taking time away to progress as an athlete and a businessman?

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