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E72 – Dr. Nichole Jensen: Physique Champion, Physician, & Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner

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Dr. Nichole Jensen is a physician and women’s physique competitor having recently won the NPC Natural Pennsylvania Pittsburgh in September 2021.

Dr. Jensen specializes in LIFESTYLE MEDICINE—that is, quality exercise and nutrition—helping patients get off mainstream medications and make lasting changes.

Our client Dana, myself, and possibly a couple other current female clients of ours will be competing at the same show this year in 2022, so I reached out to the overall winner of the Women’s Physique division to ask if she would be so kind as to answer questions from our coaching clients and SuperSet Facebook Community about what it takes to not only compete, but excel as a female bodybuilder.

You can follow Nichole on Instagram @dr.choley6.npc

Show notes:

00:00 Introduction & announcement of Skullbellz™ Coffee!

02:46 Dr. Jensen’s bio.

03:44 What compelled you to want to compete in the first place?

06:50 What was your mental process to get your "head in the game" and push through the obstacles when it got really hard?

09:49 How do I know what division to compete in within the NPC?

14:20 What are the best glute exercises to build and keep the booty especially if you are in a Caloric deficit?

17:39 What are your thoughts on Anavar and SARMS?

21:41 How often do you practice posing?

23:38 Did you go to posing classes or work with your coach on posing?

26:55 How did you manage nerves before going on state? What’s it like up there?

30:31 What did your peak weak protocol nutrition look like and how was it different than the rest of your pre?

40:22 How do you recover after a show?

43:39 Did you work out once a day up through your show or did you break up your training into 2-a-day's?

45:08 Were all of your workouts intense, or was there a time to scale back?

47:46 Have you had to deal with unsupportive friends/family that didn't understand the commitment and lifestyle entailed in contest prep?

49:25 Did you have any doubts you could attain the physique you had in your mind?

54:22 Did you have to scale back your professional work as a physician, re-prioritize your social life, or make any other sacrifices to win?

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