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E68 - Drew DeVry, Freedom Fitness Founder on Family Vision, Optimism, and Business Strategy

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Drew deVry is a the founder of Freedom Fitness Gym in Seattle, WA. He is a physique and strong-man competitor, nutritionist, and co-founder of Voller Beach Volleyball Apparel.

Drew can be found on IG at @drewdevry


Show notes:

01:05 Mission Statement of a Hybrid Training Gym.

03:05 Drew’s bio.

05:08 The story behind the name “Freedom Fitness” and launching the gym.

06:39 Replacing a “WORK” mindset with a “PURPOSE” mindset; incorporating family into the vision.

11:22 How Drew overcame marketing challenges and struggles with lead generation when opening Freedom.

14:25 How Drew’s optimistic perspective kept his mind protected from fear, risk, and nay-sayers.

17:20 Advice to aspiring gym owners and fitness entrepreneurs.

20:19 Strategy and things to consider in finding a location to open a gym.

23:26 Applying the “rule of 80/20” concerning nutrition when entering the holiday season.

25:52 QUALITY over QUANTITY: The importance of prioritizing optimal nutrition over what’s on the nutrition label.

26:57 How Drew Supersets His Life!

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