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E66 – Pastor David Robinson on IDENTITY, Part 2: Women

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David Robinson is the Teaching Pastor at Acts Church Northwest in Vancouver, WA. David went to George Fox University, Clark College, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, and Liberty University School of Law. David has his B.A in Philosophy from George Fox University and his J.D. from Liberty University School of Law. David has been an adjunct instructor with Liberty University’s graduate and undergraduate business program.  David has practiced law in Washington state and Tennessee.

David loves thinking, studying, teaching, and Washington Huskies Football. Occasionally, he strives for mediocrity in disc golf. David is passionate about his relationship with God, his relationship with his wife, Tiffany, and his family, friends, and Church.

Powers, Todd. “The Mathematical Probability that Jesus is the Christ.” Empower International. 1 December 2015.

Show notes:

00:49 Introduction to Identity Part 2 of 2.

01:41 Taylor’s thoughts on how valuable YOU are as a woman.

03:45 Recap of Daniel’s messianic prophecy covered in E65

05:20 Probability of prophetic fulfillment: A mathematical study at Westmont College sheds light on the probability of whether or not the Bible is true.

10:59 Why you are here for a reason and why the belief we are here by accident is destroying our world.

13:55 IDENTITY: Pastor David’s sermon intro & opening prayer.

19:55 How women are different than men.

27:22 The root cause of disease, sin, rebellion, and brokenness.

35:14 How the world is unfairly biased towards men.

39:59 Suffering women experience due to lies of the world concerning their worth.

47:02 How men can help women understand how valuable they are.

55:50 Sexual sin.

1:04:30 “Looking good” vs. “Being good.”

1:10:09 Exhortation and encouragement to respect your husband and live in righteousness; men’s calling to love their wives and live responsibly.

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