E65 - Pastor David Robinson on IDENTITY, Part 1: Men

David Robinson is the Teaching Pastor at Acts Church Northwest in Vancouver, WA.

David went to George Fox University, Clark College, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, and Liberty University School of Law. David has his B.A in Philosophy from George Fox University and his J.D. from Liberty University School of Law. David has been an adjunct instructor with Liberty University's graduate and undergraduate business program.  David has practiced law in Washington state and Tennessee.

David loves thinking, studying, teaching, and Washington Huskies Football. Occasionally, he strives for mediocrity in disc golf. David is passionate about his relationship with God, his relationship with his wife, Tiffany, and his family, friends, and Church.




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Show notes

00:41 Introduction to the 2-part “Identity” series; why are we focusing on spirituality for these two episodes?

03:10 What makes Taylor a beautiful woman.

04:59 Statement of our faith and its purpose in our businesses and podcast.

07:38 Reliability of ancient Biblical scriptures; suggestions on how to read and understand this book.

12:31 Where to start: suggestions on which of the four gospel accounts to begin studying.

16:06 What is prophecy?

16:50 Apologetics: Daniel’s 70 Weeks and the controversial authorship of Daniel.

28:11 Summary of Daniel’s 70-Week Prophecy and introduction for Pastor David.

29:30 IDENTITY: Pastor David’s sermon intro & opening prayer.

38:45 How men and women deal differently with the issue of “image.”

44:33 “Working your way up the ladder.” How does this “ladder” work? Is this how God sees your position?

47:21 Worth & Status: The main anxieties of men.

52:55 How the church has misrepresented God’s purpose for mankind.

57:21 Man’s natural tendency to abuse authority and harm others.

58:00 You are IMPORTANT. You are VALUABLE.

59:35 Sober & righteous thinking of who you are.

1:02:51 Jesus’ call to serve, love, and lift others up.

1:12:44 Service, humility, and love.

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