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E61 - Talia Major, SUPER-MOM on Eliminating Excuses, Burning Fat and Building Muscle at Home on Keto!

Talia Major is a SUPER-MOM, wife, entrepreneur, and now a close friend from Vancouver, BC having recently completed our 12-Week Hypertrophy Transformation™ Program using a meat-based ketogenic diet approach and bodybuilding-style home weight training (no gym) in which together we built lean muscle, burned 13+ lbs of fat, and equipped her with the tools and habits to continue her aesthetic journey and lead her family by example.

We celebrate her success and discuss the many challenges she overcame which we pray will be an inspiration to other parents who need hope that they too can transform their bodies and implement sustainable habits to make health and exercise a non-negotiable way of life.

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Show notes:

06:25 Talia's bio and accomplishments her 12-Week Transformation Program.

07:34 The value of turning a PROGRAM into a LIFESTYLE.

11:16 How a supportive & encouraging community enabled Talia to stick to her commitments.

12:54 Using your competitive nature to fuel progressive overload from workout to workout.

14:15 How the 21-Rep Method can help you break through plateaus in your usual workout exercises!

17:49 Why keto coffee is such a great pre-workout on the ketogenic diet; the dangers of intermittent fasting.

21:41 Encouragement to other moms whose lives are unpredictable, demanding, and require constant flexibility!

25:19 Why effective workouts don't have to last 1-2 hours--how much can be accomplished in 30 minutes??

30:03 Intuitive eating on the ketogenic diet for aesthetic and health goals.

31:05 SURPRISE free workout :D (Gym workout can be seen on the video).

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