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E60 - Nate Ensor, BodyBuilding Champ on How Running Affects Leg Muscularity, Body Dysmorphia, and Eating Disorders

Nathan Ensor-Aduddell, 3-TIME OVERALL bodybuilding champion and recent WINNER of the overall at the NPC Northern Classic is back for round 2! If you haven't listened to it yet, check out Episode 58 which we recorded fresh out of his victory.
Nate is sponsored by Tennessee Pre supplements. You can follow Nate on IG @fitbeast253. 

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Show notes:

03:18 Starting as an all-natural bodybuilder and competing in the NANBF.

08:05 Taking a break from bodybuilding in 2017 to run half-marathons, catabolic effects of running, and re-building leg mass to come back into bodybuilding.

09:39 The over-exaggeration of Calories that are actually burned when training weights.

12:18 The anabolic effects of running on the calves.

14:02 Nates review of the Skullbellz Deltoid Desolator cable attachment and Metabolic Nutrition TRI-PEP Branch Chain Amino Acids (both available on our website)

19:01 Both of our experiences dealing with eating disorders.

22:24 Body dysmorphia: thoughts on avoiding this while excelling in bodybuilding.

25:11 How Nate trains and eats intuitively more than following a strict, scientific regimen.

29:05 Nate's upcoming competition plans!

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