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E57 - Manny Singh, Vegetarian Natural Bodybuilder

Manny Singh Pawa is a natural bodybuilder that I myself competed against in summer 2018 in Fresno, CA. He's been a supportive Skullbellz customer and very-much-appreciated referral source for other Skullbellz sales.


Instagram: @supaahmanny

YouTube: "Manny Singh Fitness"

02:31 Experiences of having competed in both NPC (non-drug tested) and INBF (drug-tested) shows and how they are different.

04:33 The importance of symmetry in bodybuilding aesthetics.

12:22 Some aspects of bodybuilding just can't be explained by science!

14:40 Bogus supplements we've both tried!

23:39 Learning how to pose like Arnold and the great bodybuilders of the Golden Era.

31:33 Living in the fine line between training hard enough to stimulate growth while allowing for recovery so growth can actually happen.

38:40 Why you don't need a Calorie surplus to build muscle.

43:49 Manny's strength training system.

59:25 Manny's macros and how he consumes adequate protein on a plant-based diet.

1:26:03 Refeeding and rewarding the hard work of training and dieting with weekly pizza & donuts!




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