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E55 – Steve Fleiszer, Space Creatorz Co-Founder on SEO, Email Marketing, YouTube, and #Dadlife!

Steve Fleiszer is the co-founder of Space Creatorz, a digital marketing agency based in Nova Scotia, Canada, dedicated to "creating space" for business owners so they can focus on their areas of expertise and outsource their marketing to those who specialize in it. 

Space Creatorz - A Digital Marketing Agency

IG: @stephenfleiszer

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Resources mentioned:

  • Chris & Eric Martinez's fitness professional coaching and podcast
  • Book The One Thing, by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan

Show Notes:

01:10 Space Creatorz: Creating space for business owners; Steve’s bio and how we met.

03:55 Exciting Skullbellz™ announcements.

09:22 Why Steve started Space Creatorz.

15:30 Structure, priorities, and routine as a business owner to prioritize family over work.

21:44 How Steve makes his wife and his son his #1 priority, and how it actually serves his business BETTER.

24:04 Comparing the value of “book knowledge” and mentorship in business and in bodybuilding.

25:08 Sharing experiences and advice on owning and running a business together with your spouse; how to maximize your unique differences to compliment each other while being unified on the same core values and company vision.

32:09 GOOGLE SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 101: Is it important? Where does a beginner start?

44:21 All about EMAIL MARKETING.

1:08:42 Advice to BEGINNER YOUTUBERS wanting to start MOTIVATIONAL YouTube channels.

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