E54 - The Perfect Example of How to Abuse Your Strength (The Story of Samson, Judges 13-16)

Colt walks verse by verse through Judges 13-16, that is, the account of Samson, and uncovers lessons that are applicable to coaches, athletes, and parents. Samson is known for his legendary superhuman strength which he abused for his own selfish desires, however, he was a man of faith and God ultimately used him to begin to deliver Israel from their ruthless enemies, the Philistines.


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Show notes:

00:52 Being authentic about our faith and ministry in the world of fitness and bodybuilding.

02:12 Going to the gym for the right reasons.

05:49 Analogy comparing success books to nutrition strategies.

10:22 DISCLAIMER: Don’t listen to what Colt says! (2 Tim. 3:16-17; 4:1-5)

13:00 Beginning a verse-by-verse exposition of Judges chapters 13 through 16, telling the story of Samson.

13:54 The “Angel of the Lord” theological debate and how it is similar to the “LISS / HIIT Cardio” fat loss debate.

17:40 Why I do not ever recommend HIIT cardio in my workout programs for any of our athletes.

23:46 Dad lesson! How Manoah led his family by example by asking God what His plans were for their son Samson.

26:51 How the outside perspective on Manoah’s wife helped him see the big picture, and how we can apply this as coaches and athletes today.

28:48 The source of Samson’s superhuman strength.

30:07 The Bible as a moral basis for gender equality.

37:57 Ethics and historical context concerning warfare in the 11th Century BC.

43:33 Why it is wrong to use our strength to seek revenge.

49:44 Showing off vs. inspiring others.

51:35 The art and sport of posing in bodybuilding; why do we pose and flex at the gym???

54:20 Samson’s drama and lustful temptation with Delila.

1:02:46 Samson’s impressive grand total death count of 4000-6000 personal kills!

1:05:03 Summary of the lessons we can learn from Samson’s “example.”

1:06:22 Five reasons we know for sure the account of Samson is a real story that actually happened to a real person.



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Dope background music by WALKER MUSIC: https://www.youtube.com/user/ShaunWhiteFan123

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