E46 - Jim Howard on Ketosis and the Only Clinical Grade Breath Ketone Monitor

Jim Howard is a 27-year MedTech executive and Readout co-founder, President & CEO. Readout Health is a metabolic biomarker company in St. Louis focused on improving the lives of patients to consumers by closing the feedback loop on metabolic reactions to food and exercise.

Jim led the release of the first breath diagnostic device BioSense in 2020.

Biosense is the first (and only) clinical-grade, handheld device that measures nutritional ketosis for chronic disease and longevity/wellness focused consumers.

You can learn more about ketosis, BioSense, and purchase this product at https://mybiosense.com/ketosis/ .

Show notes:

01:07 Jim's bio.

02:14 What is the ketogenic diet? 

08:31 The importance of testing ketone levels throughout the day for accurate measurements.

13:34 Is there any danger is being in ketosis for too long?

19:15 Using the ketogenic therapy to reverse symptoms of Alzheimer's, mental illness, and brain cancer.

24:17 Everyone has different metabolic responses to insulin and ketosis.

26:08 Jim's experience long-distance running on a high carbohydrate diet vs. a ketogenic diet.

28:27 Ketones vs. glycogen: pros and cons of each for athletic performance.

32:26 The impact of alcohol on ketosis.


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