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E43 - Samy Santos on Building a Hybrid Fitness Business, the Thrill of Competing, and Truths about Sports Nutrition

Samuel Santos is the Owner and Master Trainer of Suda Fit. He is also an experienced bodybuilder himself and high-level bodybuilding coach. 

website: suda – Just another WordPress site (

IG: @coach_sammy_suda

Show notes:

02:17 Why Samy prefers in-person training over online training with his clients.

05:49 How Samy's existing following from outdoor group training on the beach contributed to successfully opening his gym.

08:43 How Samy identifies and tests whether a trainer will be a quality fit for their staff.

14:00 How SudaFit grew and improved from what Samy had originally envisioned.

17:04 Location and square footage considerations for aspiring gym owners. How to research a target demograph to predict whether your business will succeed in a specific area.

27:03 Competing: one of the best feelings in life!

30:55 Challenges overcoming organ fat around his midsection and how he regained his physique and his health.

34:30 The unfortunate truth about how much sugar is in meat at the store.

38:01 How Samy SUPERSETS his LIFE!

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