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E42 - Taryn Luquin on All Things Tanning, Business Marketing, and Supersets

Taryn Luquin is the founder of Southern California's large and rapidly-growing tanning company Paradise Airbrush Tanning. They are the official tanning service of many natural bodybuilding competitions throughout the United States.

Show notes:

01:15 Five upcoming natural bodybuilding shows Taryn is sponsoring.

02:00 My personal experience having competed with Paradise tans.

04:46 Why "sunless" tanning is healthier than tanning beds and prolonged sun exposure.

09:37 Your body is a temple. Treat it like one!

14:01 Questions to ask to identify whether a tanning company is really going to help you look your best.

16:00 Why do bodybuilding competitors have to get so dark?? Why is a tan so important??

18:18 AFTER-CARE: Tips on caring for your spray tan so it lasts as long as possible.

22:36 Challenges in getting Paradise Airbrush Tanning off the ground in 2005.

29:21 Advice on pricing considerations to appeal to as many clients as possible while still making a reasonable profit.

36:04 Referral business strategies.

43:00 The importance of delegating your work as a business owner and resisting the inclination to do everything yourself.

46:02 Working out with COVID **NOT MEDICAL ADVICE!**


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