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E41 - Beau Milton on Psychological Rewards of Competing, a Scary Sweet Potato Experience, and Guns!

Beau Milton is an award-winning INBF Men's Physique athlete and is soon to be enlisted in the Navy! He is almost as awesome as his older brother.

Show notes: 

01:41 Wolcott bourbon review.

04:00 Rocky Patel cigar review.

06:40 Beau taking 1st place in his first ever Men's Physique competition.

09:31 Competing together in Seattle, WA in Open Bodybuilding and Men's Physique.

10:00 Competing together in Hollywood, CA--Beau almost choked to death carbing up on sweet potatoes! Working out and flexing up a storm at Muscle Beach. Good times.

20:03 Our experience consuming alcohol post-workout. It obviously hurts your progress but special occasions call for exceptions to standard recovery protocol.

25:24 Beau's expert assistance in assembling our "home security system" (Glock 48 and an AR15).

29:41 Lights & lasers; practical add-ons for home defense and concealment.

33:19 Tips on firearm safety and good habits concerning gun ownership.

38:48 Why Glocks are the best handgun ever (my opinion).

41:11 Why Beau prefers the functionality of Skullbellz™ brand dumbbells over traditional dumbbells.

46:28 How conventional bodybuilding, specifically attention to symmetry, carries over into other training such as The Warrior Challenge Program.

52:04 How Beau started a side-business of hand-crafted 9mm-shell chess pieces!

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