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E40 - 3 Steps to Simplify Your Workout When You're UNMOTIVATED

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00:00 The two sources of "unmotivation" this method can help.

03:00 STEP 1: Pick the exercise that will give you the most "bang for your buck." (List of recommended exercises for every muscle group).

08:10 Why rows are superior to chin-ups. (For the science, check out Jeff Nippard's YouTube channel:

11:09 Optimal rep ranges for legs--why they're different than any other muscle group.

13:03 STEP 2: Get through the ACTIVATION SET. More on "Activation Sets" on Episode 30 of our Podcast "How to Write a Basic Workout Plan, Step by Step."

15:15 STEP 3: Perform the MAIN LIFT for the rest of the workout. Similar to German volume training.

18:14 Ideas of how to be productive between sets because we all have a life outside the gym!



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