E37 - Eating Pizza with The Pizza Athlete Himself!

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E37 - Eating Pizza with The Pizza Athlete Himself!

Gregory Boytos is an LA-based award-winning comedian, author, SUPER-ATHLETE (marathons, powerlifting, crossfit, mountain climbing, and lots more), multi-platform marketer, and a PIZZA EATING MACHINE!

Instagram: @thepizzaathlete

YouTube: ThePizzaAthlete (all one word) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC56a7MJqZpl-IFMAxS1ugig

Website: https://www.gregoryboytos.com/

Book (available on website and Amazon): The Great Pizza Experiment

Show notes:

00:00 Gregory's bio, how we met, and what we have in common.

03:11 Pizza vs. sandwiches.

05:35 Vegetables are gross.

07:14 Macronutrient ratios of pizza concerning health and athletic performance.

12:39 Intermittent fasting, meal timing, and workout timing; training fed vs. training fasted.

15:45 gluconeogenesis - n - metabolic process by which glucose is produced from non-carbohydrate sources such as protein.

17:57 Elimination diets vs. "everything in moderation." Which one is right for you?

26:55 Both of our experiences getting our ravenous appetites under control!

32:10 Reading self-help and motivational books for mindset more than looking for specific secrets.

38:17 Favorite Skullbellz™ exercises and how they compare to traditional dumbbells.

47:58 How Gregory SUPERSETS his life.

52:21 How society demonizes food. Do what works for YOU! You don't have to eat the way we eat.


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