E36 - Frankie Arcega, from "Non-Athlete" to Sponsored Men's Physique Champion

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E36 - Frankie Arcega, from "Non-Athlete" to Sponsored Men's Physique Champion

Frankie Arcega recently earned 1st place at the NPC Emerald Cup in both Men's Physique Open E and Men's Physique Master's Class. 

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Show notes:

02:25 Why Frankie started competing in Men's Physique.

07:15 The importance of being coached through a competition, and thoughts on prepping without a coach (we can only speak for ourselves; some athletes disagree).

10:30 Our experiences struggling with binge eating.

13:30 Frankie's signature abdominal training methods and other thoughts on carving out a six-pack.

18:11 Favorite (and least favorite) contest prep foods!

24:44 Are you starting your fitness journey from a place where you don't think it's possible to look the way you want to? IT IS POSSIBLE.

32:51 Prayer, meditation, and philosophy on approaching Men's Physique as a SPIRITUAL GANSTA!

36:01 Favorite motivational speakers and quotes to listen to when the grind is real.


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