E34 - The Dynamic Duo on Taking Risks, Business Mindset, and Giving Back!

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E34 - The Dynamic Duo on Taking Risks, Business Mindset, and Giving Back!

Chris and Eric Martinez are identical twins and founders of Dynamic Inner Circle Training, a world-class online fitness and lifestyle company. As international best-selling authors and keynote speakers, they teach business professionals and fitness enthusiasts how to grow their online coaching businesses. 


Instagram: @chrisandericmartinez

website: dynamicduotraining.com

Check out their podcast: Dynamic Lifestyle Podcast

Show notes:

00:26 Chris & Eric's bio.

02:17 The rewards of teaching how to make 6-figure incomes in the fitness industry instead of hoarding skills to yourself.

03:23 Competing in Men's Physique.

04:59 The importance of PATIENCE to set yourself apart from the average, stereotypical "business gurus."

07:19 Life is SHORT; take RISKS and live a life worth living!

11:00 Building a large, successful company together as brothers and not ruining their relationship!

14:21 Focusing on SPECIFICS vs. the MINDSET: Which is a higher priority?

16:20 Being "in this world" but not "of this world." The battle of the flesh and the spirit, and representing your faith in a world of negative influences.

21:23 How Chris & Eric SUPERSET THEIR LIVES.

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