E33 - Tristan Clark on Optimizing Back & Arm Mass, and Competing in Men's Physique

Tristan Clark (IG: @tristan_the_person89) is a highly-competitive NPC Men's Physique athlete from Spokane, WA. 


Show Notes:

01:21 Why Tristan competes in Men's Physique.

03:24 Where Tristan plans to go with his bodybuilding career.

05:48 The joy of training in locally-owned bodybuilding gyms such as Hardcore Fitness in Spokane, WA.

11:03 Each of us share stories about being addicted to hardcore pre-workouts!

18:30 How to keep your back training simple and effective; how Tristan built his back.

22:42 How Tristan optimized his arm training.

26:31 The importance of taking time off the stage and the toll that chronic competing takes on your body.

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