E29 - Robert Ladd on Old-School Bodybuilding, Meat-Based Diets, and Cold Exposure.

Robert Ladd is a Deputy Sheriff, assistant SWAT Team leader, sniper, impact weapon instructor, drone operator, and bodybuilder.

Show notes:

01:38 Using Arnold Schwarzenegger & Franco Columbu’s training splits.

07:19 Using training principles learned in the gym for more valuable applications; what we both learned from Arnold’s Bodybuilding Encyclopedia.

12:55 Isolation exercises vs. compound exercises.

14:26 Grip variations for back training.

24:41 Counterbalancing vs. “balancing.”

31:22 Why we both perform and live better on low-carb, meat-based diets.

37:31 Why it can be beneficial to periodically re-introduce carbohydrates into an otherwise low-carb diet.

47:39 High-protein (carnivore) vs. high-fat (Keto) approaches.

53:35 Slow-cooking methods for maximizing efficiency in your meal prep and your budget for meat-based diets.

56:32 Sourcing organ meats and the many nutrients they contain! “Sneaking” organs into food for family members so they can enjoy the benefits of organ meats but not get grossed out by the fact they are eating organs!

101:22 Robert’s thoughts on dissecting studies to find the real truth about nutrition.

112:08 Wim Hoff and cold exposure. (I purchased and read the book we referenced Wim Hoff Method based on Robert’s recommendation and it’s INCREDIBLE)

1:15:49 Music preferences to unwind from a long day and get pumped up to work out!

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