E28 - Anthony Coussa, Owner of DadBod Apparel on Business and #Dadlife!

E28 - Anthony Coussa, Owner of DadBod Apparel on Business and #Dadlife!

Anthony Coussa is the founder of DadBod Apparel. DadBod is an apparel company that is aimed at dispelling the stereotypes that dad’s are shapely and lose all levels of fashion, muscle and health.

They believe in being active not just in the literal sense but also that we dads should be healthy fathers in our children's lives. They make simple, fashionable apparel that appeals to every type of dad (business executives, gym-rats, stay-at-home, etc). 

They can be found at www.dadbodapparel.com and on IG at @dadbod_apparel.

Show notes:

03:20 How Anthony defines success; rewards he did not expect when he started DadBod.

04:29 Making a living from 9 to 5 and building a life from 5 to midnight!

05:24 Future vision of DadBod as an umbrella company.

08:57 What it’s like watching your kids grow up and starting to play with each other 😊

12:15 Kidbod: Flexible, healthy eating habits for children.

14:18 Anthony’s experience competing in Men’s Physique.

17:11 How the Coussas prioritize family time in the midst of work and business.

20:34 Mutual struggles from missing workouts and the toll it takes on our brains!

24:32 Men’s Physique. They’re getting huge!

26:01 Jeremy Buendia, Men’s Physique IFBB Champion; one of DadBod’s customers.

29:48 Anthony’s athletic background prior to bodybuilding.

31:02 Advice to young entrepreneurs today.

32:15 How Anthony SUPERSETS HIS LIFE!


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