E16 - Tyler Smith on 2020 and Being Forced into New Achievements

E16 - Tyler Smith on 2020 and Being Forced into New Achievements

"If you're walking out of 2020 without some sort of achievement, you really let this year ruin you. Everyone has been forced to do something else." --T. Smith

Tyler Smith is a internationally-performing stand-up comedian and show host of the very popular The Dope Show, in which nationally touring comedians perform a sober set, take a short intermission to toke up, and get back on stage to perform under the influence!

Tyler purchased a pair of 35 lb Skullbellz brand dumbbells and has lost 65 lbs since the gyms closed in early 2020 due to the COVID19 lockdown.

For Tyler's tour dates, information about The Dope Show, and merchandise, you can find him at thedopeshow.com. You can find his podcast Meat in the Middle on Spotify and iTunes. You can also follow him on Instagram at @highbs. 

Show notes:

02:12 Reasons why comedians start their own shows.

05:10 How Tyler lost 65 lbs. since the start of the COVID19 lockdown.

11:16 Capturing life experiences in your notebook to expand and write comedy material.

15:08 Writing frustrations, insecurities, and struggles on paper like journaling as "therapy."

18:25 How the pandemic has destroyed the stand-up comedy business.

23:31 "Pivoting" to turn the pandemic from a destructive obstacle to a useful change.

26:52 Starting The Dope Show and attracting headlining acts.

29:37 Trend of drugs becoming increasingly more legal.... Should we start a show called The Coke Show?

31:58 Cocaine in hardcore pre-workouts such as Bloodshr3d. Addiction to pre-workouts vs. "party" drugs.

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