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E114 – Joe Cramond on The Business of Bodybuilding, Developing Self-Confidence, and Visualization!

Joe has dedicated his life to the extreme sport of competitive bodybuilding. His accomplishments include winning a 2nd place title in the 2015 British NABBA bodybuilding finals, also placing in the top six, and winning three consecutive first place titles in regional British titles.

As an entrepreneur, Joe works with business founders and corporate leaders, applying lessons learned in the world of peak performance to business outcomes. He works directly with ambitious brands and leads companies up to £1 billion in turnover, helping to increase market share in the most capital-efficient way.




Time stamps:

02:51 Posing & other educational resources offered by British bodybuilding federations.

09:24 Cut out the “BS!” (How Joe SUPERSETS HIS LIFE!)

18:49 How to determine optimal working sets & total workout length.

21:02 How to use BODYBUILDING as THERAPY 😊

23:13 From ANXIOUS INTROVERT to an AWARD WINNING MACHINE! Developing self-confidence.

27:04 Cold therapy & deep breathing techniques.

30:50 What separates 1st and 2nd place?

34:11 How to re-evaluate your physique based on the judge’s critiques and modify your training accordingly.


41:32 RISK vs. REWARD: When is an exercise too dangerous or costly to justify including in your program?

46:06 Stress, stimulants, and caffeine! How do you manage your stress load?

48:50 How to achieve a PEAK-PERFORMANCE MINDSET.

51:21 How Joe’s bodybuilding training developed his capacity to handle BUSINESS FAILURES.

59:35 Podcasts, motivational speaking, & sponsorships: business opportunities in bodybuilding!

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