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E104 - FUN with Salt: Infusing Wine, Tasting, DIY Electrolyte Drinks, & More, with Darryl Bosshardt (2 of 2)


Darryl Bosshardt (@redmondrealsalt) is a salt expert - having worked in and studied salt and minerals his whole life. He is passionate about healthy living, healthy eating and life-long learning. Darryl grew up working for the family mineral business, Redmond Real Salt, in Redmond, UT and then earned a Bachelor of Science degree at Southern Utah University followed by an MBA at Western Governor's University. 


0:00      ELECTROLYTES 101: How to make your own ELECTROLYTE supplementation drink at home!

2:36      Practical ways to meet potassium requirements; potassium (and other minerals) content within popular mineral salts like Redmond.

10:39    KOSHER SALT 101 : what it is and how to best use it.

15:22    Certifications & labels on salt products--what do these mean?

20:18    How SMOKED SALTS are made--and why!

22:07    SALT TASTING 101: How to identify quality and discover the differences between different types of salts!

26:11    How to taste the difference between CHEMICAL SALTS and NATURAL SALTS.

28:03    How to make WINE-INFUSED salt flakes! (and beer & whisky??)

39:48    Using minerals found in "real salts" to optimize hygene and health.

41:52    Holistic healing properties of mineral salts.

46:05    The SCIENCE of EPSOM SALT baths: Do they really work???

56:31    Three (3) questions to ask yourself before purchasing salt!

59:07    The future of the salt industry and bodybuilding.

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