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E103 – Melony Murray: Nurse, Realtor, Grandmother, and NPC Bikini Competitor!

Colt & Melony recap her first-time, 3-month NPC bikini competition prep for the 2022 NPC Nebraska State Championships.




SHOW DAY VLOG: https://youtu.be/gEDo212OqYg

STAIRMILL DEMO: https://youtu.be/nb-SBcmY5pI

UPI TOUR: https://youtu.be/B2ZqPo8_vyw


Athlete: Melony Murray

IG: @nurse.realtor.badassfitchick

Category: Bikini


Show notes:

00:00 Melony’s bio & introduction.

03:58 Why Melony decided to compete in a bodybuilding competition!

05:19 Overview & recap of Melony’s 3-month prep; overcoming increasing fatigue, doubts, and fears.

08:02 Weight & fat-loss trends throughout the prep; cardio & macronutrient modifications.

15:52 Peak week carb depletion, rapid-backloading, & meal plan.

20:35 Developing confidence in your STAGE PRESENCE.

24:59 The reality of the discipline required to compete in a bodybuilding competition. Be part of the 1%!

26:22 Touring Upgrade Performance Institute (Dr. “Fit & Fabulous” Jaime Seeman’s new gym)! E-GYM, DEXA scans, and spending the day with the Seeman family in Elkhorn, OH.

33:27 The challenge of teaching athletes to perform a “LAT SPREAD”—an essential skill in posing in any category.

37:41 How we strategically worked Melony’s 25th wedding anniversary into her meal plan so she could enjoy her special day with Dan stress-free and stay 100% on track for her show.

56:00 Final words of wisdom and advice from Melony to aspiring first-time competitors (HOW MELONY SUPERSETS HER LIFE)!

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