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Why this is the GREATEST FLANK STEAK YOU WILL EVER EAT: Coming from a man that typically eats 4+ lbs of steak every day, I've perfected this prepping process in a way that is: Unparalleled in flavor and texture Simple and practical As cost-effective as possible In fact, I never order steak when eating out because no restaurant can top the flavor and satisfaction of this dining experience. I predict you will be the same if you prep like I teach. Eat steak and live longer! Steak is a SUPERFOOD. In fact, there are 6 crucial nutrients abundant in steak that are...

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Enjoy your steak every day cold or heated up alongside sweet potatoes and veggies, tossed into a salad, or, of course, into an egg scramble! We always cook a couple New York or other higher-quality cuts along with the steaks that will be prepped to have for dinner. Ingredients: Six (6) pounds lean steak: I use “choice rump roast” from B&E Meats and Seafood in New Castle, WA. It’s grass-fed, reasonably priced, and surprisingly tender. Be sure to ask them to tenderize it. Lime juice 100% olive oil spray Montreal steak seasoning Directions: Marinate the steaks by pouring lime juice...

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One of the leanest sources of pure protein is also one of the most delicious. It’s not very dense and surprisingly low in calories. Any fish digests very easily, so it makes for a good pre-workout. Personally I usually break the fast with fish, as at the end of the fast, your digestive system is in a fragile state and easily digestible food is preferred. Ingredients: Four pounds of tuna steaks: I’ve found Trader Joe’s to have the best prices on these. Wal Mart also has good prices on wild-caught tuna. Lemon juice 100% olive oil spray Montreal steak seasoning...

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