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Eat bone broth and look younger! I get asked an average of once per week how I take care of my skin and my answer is always "Bone broth." Why bone broth? Originally Taylor and I were inspired to make bone broth because of its many health benefits, however, we had no idea how delicious of a treat this is, and it has become a daily ritual to sip on late afternoons in the office. It is absolutely loaded with nutrients, and when you finish a cup of this recipe, you can feel your body saying, "Thanks for that." Health benefits: Rich in...

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Enjoy your steak every day cold or heated up alongside sweet potatoes and veggies, tossed into a salad, or, of course, into an egg scramble! We always cook a couple New York or other higher-quality cuts along with the steaks that will be prepped to have for dinner. Ingredients: Six (6) pounds lean steak: I use “choice rump roast” from B&E Meats and Seafood in New Castle, WA. It’s grass-fed, reasonably priced, and surprisingly tender. Be sure to ask them to tenderize it. Lime juice 100% olive oil spray Montreal steak seasoning Directions: Marinate the steaks by pouring lime juice...

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