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Enjoy your steak every day cold or heated up alongside sweet potatoes and veggies, tossed into a salad, or, of course, into an egg scramble!

We always cook a couple New York or other higher-quality cuts along with the steaks that will be prepped to have for dinner.


  • Six (6) pounds lean steak: I use “choice rump roast” from B&E Meats and Seafood in New Castle, WA. It’s grass-fed, reasonably priced, and surprisingly tender. Be sure to ask them to tenderize it.
  • Lime juice
  • 100% olive oil spray
  • Montreal steak seasoning


  1. Marinate the steaks by pouring lime juice on top, followed by a light spray of olive oil and Montreal steak season to taste.
  2. Preheat oven to 450 deg.
  3. Heat up two large cast-iron skillets on stovetop.
  4. Sear steaks for two minutes on each side, then bake for two minutes.
  5. Remove steaks from oven and wrap in tin foil. Let sit for five minutes to finish.
  6. Chop the steaks into pieces and let them cool down before placing them into Tupperware.

Per 5oz portion of steak: 272.1 Cal / 41.7g protein / 0g carbs / 11.7g fat

Makes about 15 servings.

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