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Have you been brainwashed by all of the anti-meat propaganda and marketing schemes? Are you debating whether or not to eliminate meat from your diet? If you do, you will be missing out on these VITAL nutrients: 1.  Carnitine: the ultimate natural fat burner. One of the most popular fat-burning supplements, this nutrient mobilizes free fatty acids for to be utilized for fuel. Additionally, carnitine aids in muscle retention while in a caloric deficit and has been shown to aid in male fertility, promoting sexual capacity better than exogenous testosterone!(1) 2. Vitamin B12: the key to your nervous system. Without an adequate amount of...

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A "Keto-Vore" is an unofficial term we use to maximize the meat-based properties of the CARNIVORE DIET while prioritizing the KETOGENIC DIET macronutrient ratios. The CARNIVORE DIET, as the name suggests, is a lifestyle prioritizing meat as not only the ideal food source, but the only essential food source. Contrary to its reputation, it is not an "only-eat-meat" diet to the extreme of requiring elimination of any food that is not meat (even lions and dogs eat plants from time to time), but rather a sustainable, practical diet from which our ancestors naturally thrived. The KETOGENIC DIET is a dietary lifestyle prioritizing FAT...

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