5 Nutrients Found Exclusively in Meat

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5 Nutrients Found Exclusively in Meat

Have you been brainwashed by all of the anti-meat propaganda and marketing schemes? Are you debating whether or not to eliminate meat from your diet? If you do, you will be missing out on these VITAL nutrients:

1.  Carnitine: the ultimate natural fat burner. One of the most popular fat-burning supplements, this nutrient mobilizes free fatty acids for to be utilized for fuel. Additionally, carnitine aids in muscle retention while in a caloric deficit and has been shown to aid in male fertility, promoting sexual capacity better than exogenous testosterone!(1)

2. Vitamin B12: the key to your nervous system. Without an adequate amount of B12, you can expect your nervous system to decline in health which causes depression and even dementia. A 2013 study revealed the following categories of non-meat-consuming populations to have deficiencies in Vitamin B12.

  • 86% of children
  • 90% of elderly men and women
  • 62% of pregnant women(2)

3. Taurine: the underrated antioxidant. Taurine is a vital component of the immune system and even reduces anxiety.(3)

4. Creatine: much more than strength gains. The most widely-studied and most effective bodybuilding and strength supplement; in addition to what it's popular for, this nutrient is a key contributor to heart health and may even aid in cognitive functions.(4)

5. Zinc: the key to health metabolism and hormones. An entire book could be written on crucial role of zinc for men and women. Zinc is a fundamental component to (to name a few):

  • Heart health
  • Insulin resistance, especially among diabetics
  • Sexual performance for males
  • Learning capacity
  • Behavior development in children(5)

All of these nutrients are found either 100% exclusively or "mostly exclusively" in animal products. If you choose to limit yourself to only vegan food sources, we strongly suggest supplementing where possible.


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