What is a "Keto-Vore?"

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What is a "Keto-Vore?"

A "Keto-Vore" is an unofficial term we use to maximize the meat-based properties of the CARNIVORE DIET while prioritizing the KETOGENIC DIET macronutrient ratios.

The CARNIVORE DIET, as the name suggests, is a lifestyle prioritizing meat as not only the ideal food source, but the only essential food source. Contrary to its reputation, it is not an "only-eat-meat" diet to the extreme of requiring elimination of any food that is not meat (even lions and dogs eat plants from time to time), but rather a sustainable, practical diet from which our ancestors naturally thrived.

The KETOGENIC DIET is a dietary lifestyle prioritizing FAT as the primary fuel source, as opposed to carbohydrates or protein. When utilized correctly, your body enters an advanced metabolic state called KETOSIS in which body fat is converted into KEYTONES which are used for fuel over glucose. 

A Ketovore combined both of these worlds. As a family, we do not track Calories, fats, protein, or carbohydrates (because we don't eat carbohydrates any more--LOL!). When you eliminate all forms of glucose in your diet, everything changes, and one of those changes is the ability to consume large quantities of fatty meats such as ribs, bacon, brisket, pork chops, sausage, dark chicken meat, Siu Yoke (Chinese pork belly--featured image for this post), and on and on!

Taylor enjoys salads and vegetables on most days, however will often go for a day or two on only meat. Colt has found that consuming almost exclusively meat (maybe a little onion and garlic here and there for flavor) promotes the greatest physical performance and bodybuilding results, for many reasons including the absence of fiber. When he does consume fiber such as brocolli, he will even go so far as to purposely overcook them and put them in bone broth soup so they digest better! James eats vegetables about as often as Colt does; like father, like son! He does however have an affection for cashews. Everly is still less than a year old so she is mostly breastfeeding with some veggie pouches and safe, solid keto foods prepared by her loving mother Taylor.

Society is quick to point out the following apprehensions regarding both the Ketogenic and Carnivore Diets:
  • Don't children need glucose to grow and have energy?
  • Doesn't all that fat cause your cholesterol to raise?
  • Aren't you depriving yourself of nutrients that you can only get from plants?
  • Don't bodybuilders need carbs to fill out their muscle bellies to their maximum potential?
  • Is such a restrictive diet a problem socially?
  • Isn't it expensive to eat that much meat?
  • Is it ethical or sustainable to consume that much animal product?
  • Don't you need fiber?? How do you poop?! *biggest question we get*
Over the years, we have researched, experimented, and been coached by professionals, examined studies, prayed for guidance, and ultimately embraced and took ownership over our decisions and have not found any of the concerns listed above to be a problem. While these subjects are too comprehensive to cover in this blog post, we will be covering all of them in future blog posts and continuing to see experts and coaches to share their knowledge.
Colt posts what he eats every single day on his Instagram and Facebook stories. Follow him @coltmilton if you're curious and reach out with questions or comments!
Will we eat like this the rest of our lives? Probably--unless we find something better. We're open-minded.
Are we perfect? LOL no. 
Do we think everyone should eat the way we do? We believe everyone could certainly benefit from trying it, but also understand many people thrive on the ability to enjoy sugary desserts and foods nowhere near our "diet plan" in moderation and live just fine. We've found that to be more of a struggle than establishing guidelines around an intentional, optimal method of food consumption personally, but we're all wired differently and have different backgrounds. 
Our goal is simply to share what works for us now that our family has been experiencing the seemingly endless list of benefits associated with a high-fat, meat-based dietary approach.